U&A (Usage&Attitude) Research:
Projects studying the markets for various product categories (popularity and purchase of various brands, consumer behaviour traits, consumer aims, market volume evaluation and niche potential, market segmentation, consumer segmentation, brand health, etc.).

Tracking Studies:
Non-stop or periodically repeated studies allow us to follow the dynamics of the market. It is an irreplaceable tool to measure rapidly changing parameters, such as advertising activity in highly competitive markets.

An in-house method of evaluating the business potential of innovations (new brand launches, SKU line changes, marketing mix element changes – pricing, packaging, etc.).
The distinguishing trait of the method is its binding to specific consumption situations and evaluation of consumer behaviour changes in these situations when new products or services appear on the market. The method has been tested and calibrated in a number of FMCG markets.

Brand Health Audit:
Evaluation of target audience brand perception and search for brand development possibilities.

Of products, concepts, advertising materials (videos, animations), designs, names, flavours, etc. To simplify decision making, action standards from prior projects are used.

Price Study:
Identifying the optimal price for a product or service that achieves a certain goal (maximum sales, maximum profits, etc.).

Brand Image Study:
Unique in-house method: BraindScanner (studies brand territories within a category, perception categories, purchase drivers, consumer brand segmentation, etc.). The method allows us to evaluate brand perceptions, not through close-ended survey questions, but in the categories that each specific consumer uses to differentiate brands.

Consumer Lifestyle Study:
Ethnographic research using diaries, blogs, or with point of sale or consumer home visits and immersion into consumers’ lives to gain insights.

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