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O+K is a Russian research company

Our business is providing information support for management decisions.

About Us

O+K conducts full service market research to order (ad hoc)

O+K was founded in August 1999 in St. Petersburg by professionals with a wealth of experience in market research.

O+K increases its turnover by 40 to 70% yearly, and this has let it become one of the top 5 independent research firms in Russia.

Distinguishing Traits

Our priority in every project is to provide a maximally clear answer to the assigned questions, most convenient for business decisions

Reasonable prices we value our professionalism highly, but never sell extras that our client doesnt need and do not charge for giftwrap.

We are always online and ready to efficiently address any issues.

Study Types

O+K has significant experience in U&A, image and brand health studies, design, name, and sample testing, and price studies.

In our work, we at O+K use a wide range of research techniques: at-home visits, telephone and street surveys, hall tests, home tests, mystery shopping, focus groups, in-depth interviews, ethnographic research.