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The BraindScanner method was created to evaluate consumer brand and category perceptions. Basically, BraindScanner is a combination of qualitative and quantitative research in one method, also using special techniques to find perception parameters and how they are used to evaluate things.

The method permits us to surpass the weaknesses of traditional approaches:

  • Qualitative approach: lacks representativeness
  • Quantitative approach: superficial analysis and rigid interview structure (risks missing significant factors in brand perception)
  • Two-stage study: quite lengthy and relatively expensive research

The distinguishing trait of the method is the evaluation of brand images not in rigid characteristics forced by the questionnaire, but in the categories used by each specific consumer to differentiate brands.

The special technique for finding perception parameters lies in letting the respondent use his own criteria to evaluate brands:

  • Only the criteria that he truly uses to differentiate brands
  • In the wording that he uses in his own thoughts, not in the Researchers

Interviews using the BraindScanner method include the following stages:

  • Finding category perception parameters: respondent names the characteristics that, in his opinion, make brands different
  • Brand evaluation in the parameters found
  • Brand evaluation in key loyalty parameters

The data analysis stage consists of the following procedures:

  • Unitizing individual perception parameters to get a list of category and brand perception criteria representative of all consumers
  • Frequency analysis of perception parameters to find the prevalence of various perception parameters
  • Correlation-regression analysis to find the input of individual parameters into overall brand loyalty
  • Unitizing brand ratings to get consumer brand segmentation